What do you think the last key word will be? Allison, aiden, and?

Drake or Aubrey Graham depending on when the maker of the code became a fan.

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lydia martin meme | two friendships
Scott can’t really be with them. He can’t be.

Comic Con: knock knock
Me: who's there
Comic Con: not you lol


what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom

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Dylan O’Brien #Giffoni Film Festival 21/07/14 

"I’ve never been the kind of guy to hype myself up. It’s just not my thing."

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lydia martin needs some wolfsbane-infused nail polish so she can backhand punk-ass werewolves like the queen she is

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"In bed at 4PM
I held my pillow
and thought “oh well”
in regards to my entire life."

—Tao Lin  (via blackbettywhite)

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